Why you should Marry a Contractor

marry a contractorFor some people, the idea of a contractor is a neanderthal-like person who didn’t do well in school and drinks a lot of beer.

Although this is probably true, there’s a good few reasons why you should marry a contractor. It isn’t simply our damn good looks, these huge muscles, or the fact that we could eat more than most men. No, it isn’t just those facts. If you’re considering dating or marrying a contractor, here’s a few good reasons why you need to do it.

  1. Contractors are super handy – If you’ve ever had trouble with a leaky faucet, a fence that fell down, a window that won’t shut, a leaky refrigerator, or even car trouble, contractors are the best guys to be around! We fix all that crap for you. If you marry a banker, he’s probably going to worry about breaking a nail. If you marry a surgeon, he’s probably going to be in Bejing performing an autopsy for college kids (or whatever the hell surgeons do with all their time). The fact is, contractors are super handy to have around.
  2. Contractors are fun – Doctors, lawyers and bankers are pretty conservative groups of people. They definitely make money, but they’re not always the most fun in the world. If you want to get in a truck and hit the mud, get with a contractor. If you want to go out dancing and get into a bar fight, a contractor can probably arrange that for you. If you want someone who is going to say something stupid and make you laugh, that’s all we do!
  3. Contractors make money – Yes it’s true. Whether it’s a landscaper, a plumber or a roofer, contractors make good money. A plumbing job could be as much as $80,000 or even more! Roofers make an average of $7,000 per new roof. Landscapers can sometimes nail jobs as much as $40,000. It’s true that most business owners will make decent money in whatever business their successful in. However, if you’re married to a contractor, you’re probably going to be a business manager, you’ll pay yourself all the time (a lot more than any other manager would get paid) and you’ll get to be the boss! You’ll also probably get to make your own hours.
  4. We’re general kind and have big hearts – It’s true… We’re really just a bunch of teddy bears… That’s why most women love us. It isn’t the money or the muscle or even the fun times. At the end of the day I look at my wife like it was the first time I ever laid eyes on her. And after a full day of hammering and pounding and injuries and sweat and sore muscles, I look in her eyes and feel like it was all worth it.

So next time you ask yourself if you should date a contractor, keep in mind the above. We’re good guys. We’re great guys! We’ll treat you right and stick with you till the end.